I met Rhonda Leone through a patient of mine. I took a class at her studio and fell in love. Svaroopa® Yoga was new to me, but once I took a class, I knew it would be a tremendous addition to the healing and wellness treatment plans I offer my patients. Bidwell Chiropractic has offered Svaroopa® Yoga since October of 2009. I have seen remarkable results in my patients' health. The benefits have included improved flexibility, improved posture, and the patients have been adjusting much easier and holding their adjustments longer. A bonus has been the personal and accountability relationships that have developed. Yoga and chiropractic has been an amazing and spectacularly synergistic relationship. I highly recommend it!

— Dr. Sylvia Bidwell
Bidwell Chiropractic

Being new to yoga, I wasn't sure what to expect. What started out as a way to alleviate back pain from an unfortunate car accident, has instead become a transformative and beautiful journey of self-awareness and spirituality, as well as emotional and physical healing.

Rhonda is an excellent and caring teacher. She not only gives her full attention to each student's individual needs, but her dedication to the practice of yoga in her own daily life is also inspiring.

— Karen S.

After 4 hours of Pure 'Love Therapy' from Rhonda and Paula, I feel completely rebalanced and rejuvenated. I have been reintroduced to the me who Loves Life and being in the world.

— Rose Payne
Women's Silent Retreat, October 30 2010.

Each station / practice was extremely powerful.

— Debbie Finch
Women's Silent Retreat, October 30 2010.

In the silence I found a lot of joy. I observed that everything is easier than it seems.

— Cary Nicholas
Women's Silent Retreat, October 30 2010.

The place and the ambiance were very comfortable and conducive to meditation and mindfulness. The food was another splendid experience.

— Joan Menocal
Women's Silent Retreat, October 30 2010.

The kitchari at the end of an amazing, relaxing and reflective experience was so yummy. I was beside myself with delight! It was a delicious retreat in all manner of speaking. I am grateful and happy for the experience.

— Claudia Carr
Women's Silent Retreat, October 30 2010.

Girl Power Testimonials


  • I loved making the parfaits-they were so good!
  • My favorite part was the Life Jar. I learned how to appreciate myself.
  • I loved Laughter Yoga! A profound lesson is that the small stuff doesn't matter in the long run.
  • Laughter yoga was my favorite because it mixed fun and seriousness. I learned that if you focus on the small things you won't have room for the big things.
  • I learned to love myself.
  • I learned that if I am feeling dark I can find the light in it.

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