Welcome to Yoga For Living

A yoga studio in Cherry Hill, South Jersey, created by Rhonda Leone CSYT, to support you in living a balanced lifestyle.

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Rhonda Leone created the Yoga For Living studio to share the proven methods handed down from her teachers, methods that bring balance to the body, peace to the mind and awaken the soul—to be in harmony with yourself, each other, and the World.

Through Yoga For Living, Rhonda, and fellow experienced and dedicated instructors, teach and support you in learning the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Pranayama (breathing practices) that lead to an open, welcoming approach to your true Self, your life, and its experiences.

Please explore our ongoing Yoga Classes, Postural Alignment, and Cardio Dance (Nia) classes as well as Mindfulness Mediation and Relaxation classes. We also have Special Events and Workshops.

At Yoga For Living you can develop and maintain good health, deepen your understanding of yoga and its philosophy and enrich your life through:


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