Here's an overview of the Yoga For Living web site.

The site's home page.

Here you can find out more about our ongoing and special Yoga classes.

Keep track of the schedule of all of our classes and events here. It's conveniently organised on a day-by-day basis and is easy to print out too.

Details of the range of yoga-based therapies that we have available to support you in dealing with health problems, busy lives and stress.

Details of the classes and events that have Mindfulness and Meditation, including Relaxation, as a particular theme and focus.

Details of the special events, classes and workshops that are happening at the studio. This includes special, one-off events and also our regular monthly special classes.

Prices for our ongoing Yoga classes, including multiple class cards at beneficial rates and some special pricing offers for studio newcomers. Also includes some hints on etiquette to help you get the most from your class.

Bios of Rhonda Leone and our other instructors.

Testimonials about Yoga For Living and studio events.

How to find the Yoga For Living studio in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Send us a message and sign up for the newsletter.

The Yoga For Living studio is a great space for your events. It is available for rent and our rates are very reasonable. Find out more here.


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